Sunday, December 20, 2009

Front end build

Soooo this weekend i sorted out the front end of my bike. I'm pretty happy with how everythings turned out , still need to fabricate some mounts for the headlight which really finishes off the the look of the bike. Also front indicators need mounts and im unsure what to do with my mirrors, they clutter the bars a little so i might take them off after rego is done. Im loving the old school grips they are pimp!
They look pretty bright at the moment but when i add the red spark plug leads, fuel lines and pin striping on the tank and guards it should all balance out. My guages sit neatly and it might not look like it but u can read them when your in the saddle. Front brake are plumbed and working. Also i lowered the front end by about an inch by sliding the fork tubes up the triple tree. I was looking at them and i think you could cut the top off to make it flush with the triple tree for a smoother look. But once thats done theres no turning back so i will leave it the way it is untill ive ridden it a bit to see if anything scrapes while cornering. So yeah its ready to get wired, then i have to some minor motor work like changing the clutch plates and installing a new electric starter gear and oil filter/air cooler assembly, and then i'll fire the beast up for the first time. I'll be sure to get that on video!!!

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