Saturday, January 31, 2009

Progress so far

Bike Profile
Style - Bobber, stretched and lowered, drag bars, minimal look, single gauge small light front.

Colour scheme - Matt black, matt red twin stripes, satin black frame, polished alloy and chrome motor and accessories

Rough sketch of the style i'm after.

My names Mat i'm from western Sydney and i'm currently building my 1st XS 650 bobber. Its an 82 model and i'm pretty much doing all the work myself with the help of some mates, except for the welding, unfortunately that's one skill i haven't had a chance to learn yet but plan too in the future. For now ive gotten some help form an engineer out my way to get the hardtail and mounts welded on. Its still early days but its starting to take shape, here's a few pics!

Here's what the bike looked like when i bought it , not what i like at all but each to their own. The only parts i will be re - using are the front half of the frame , the forward controls, motor and headers, forks , wheels , guards and tank. The rest goes in the spare parts bin.

Here's the strip down , me and Chriso did it in a record time of 1.5 hours! You can see in the last 2 pics the hardtail i bought off the net from TC Bros. Choppers.

The wheels were painted all silver, i didn't like that so i went with the 2 tone black and alloy look that these wheels were originally painted from the factory, nice work Yamaha they looked good just the way they were! The 19 inch front wheel looks fat without the discs on it, i wish i could run it like that on the street but no front brakes = splat.

Here's a short vid of the hartail tacked on and a vid of my good mate Chriso's bobber, that's me pulling in after a spin on the beast. I hold him responsible for my obsession with these bikes. After one ride on his i was hooked! And it seems to be contagious, a couple of other friends are considering starting there own projects.