Saturday, July 21, 2012

Recent work with Video's!

Hi there ive been working on the bike again and enjoying it alot. So after two years of searching ( no exaggeration) ive found front and rear original xs650 hubs!!! A guy in the states had them and was kind enough to ship them to me , this means ill be running wire wheels on my beast as soon as i save up to buy the wheel rims and spokes. In the meantime the alloys are fine, what i did to the bike this weekend was remove the LH disc and caliper and install the single braided brake line on th RH side of the front end. I did this just to clean up the LH side so you can see more of the wheel , i think its a smoother look. Also made a bracket and mounted the headlight switch in a tricky little spot near the triple tree, cut my chain to length and tentioned it, installed the horn button on the bars and installed my speedo drive cable. Oh and i found my mirrors and exhaust baffles that have been lost for a year ever since i moved houses, so all in all it was a good weekend for the bike build. Heres some videos and pics!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The final push!

Hi again, Ive had the chance to do some more work on the bobber and the last 2 days have brought some good results. Ive dont the final prep for the tank guards and battery tin, if you look a few posts down you will see the struggle ive had getting this tank to look straight, i think ive spent 16+ hours on it from the start but it was all worth it in the end. Also i made a headlight mount, powder coated it, and installed the new bates style headlight and steered away from the bulkier light i chose originally. Ive moved my horn button to my bars, and will be moving my headlight switch from the light and tucking it between my guages and the triple tree. Removed my brake lines in preperation to take off one disc and caliper and install my new braided line for a single disc front. I think it will look cool having ones side of the wheel more visable and seeing the weight ive stripped from the bike it wont impact my braking performance too much. Also ive installed my clutch side foward controls (brake side still needs some powder caoting).
So all ive got left to do is the final paint, brake side foward controls, finish off front brakes, cut my chain to length, re wire my headlight, and locktight + final assembly.
Check out the pics, Enjoy!