Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finishing Touches!

Hi there! had a rad time this weekend, me and some mates piled all our bike gear into a trailer and worked on our bikes. I took my whole bike to my mates place and there was also another XS650 engine there getting some love. We time captured the days on a go pro so look out for that footage later.

Work done on my bike was applying lock tight on all the rattly nuts and bolts, also i replaced the clutch pushrod seal. While doing this i noticed the LH side of the hole in the case where the sprocket shaft protrudes was chipped off !!!! Its looks like someones used that part of the case for some leverage with a tool or hammered it somehow..... So maybe this is where the oil was coming from all along, time will tell if need be ill clean it all up and apply some gasket sealant, and if that doesnt work ill look into a more metallic solution.

I had to chamfer the edge of the case where the pushrod seal seats and did so with a dremel and tapped it in with oil on it for lube. went right in !!! Much easier doing it this way than splitting the case.
My friends motor has been sitting in a shed for 20 years !!! So we cleaned and scrubbed and chiseled the filth and wasp houses off it lol. Almost ready for paint, we also dumped the oil and inspected the internals as we have never ran this motor since it was bought. All signs were positive so hopefully it will need minimal reco work.

So i need to tamper with some wiring and thats it for the build !! Its more or less finished, time to get some cash together and register it.
Had  few drinks, smoked the old pipe and caught up with mates, was an awesome wrenching session, look foward to doing it again soon. Thanks Josh for hosting the shenanigans!

Friday, February 15, 2013

All dressed up with nowhere to go

Hey !
an update is well overdue! Truth is the bike is 99 percent complete (well for stage one anyways im sure this bike will get rebuilt).
I'll link my most recent video which pretty much says it all.
I need to fix and oil leak (clutch pushrod seal i beleive) locktight all the bolts and do a final fit. I'm kindof waiting for a bit of spare cash for rego thats holding me back so the bike has been patiently waiting.