Monday, January 11, 2010

Sand blasting reveals all... and it's all bad!

This sucks, got my tank and front guard sand blasted, the front guard came out good, only 1 dint.
But the tank is a mess. It looks like its been kicked around a junkyard. I dont know what to do... should i try to repair it... buy another tank?
Only 3 hurdles to go till my bikes finished, paint tank and guard , get bike wired, and rego. couldnt be that hard could it?


  1. Unless you're the man with the bondo, just nab one off ebay for peanuts.

  2. I was going to give the bondo a go, just for cost reasons, it will have a matt paint job so it should be ok. Also it will be enough to get me rolling and if im not happy with it i can buy another tank. cheapest i found off ebay was 120 including shipping from the states, i cant find any aussie tanks yet

  3. so i attempted the bondo job today... 8 hours later i have some results