Sunday, December 20, 2009

Front end build

Soooo this weekend i sorted out the front end of my bike. I'm pretty happy with how everythings turned out , still need to fabricate some mounts for the headlight which really finishes off the the look of the bike. Also front indicators need mounts and im unsure what to do with my mirrors, they clutter the bars a little so i might take them off after rego is done. Im loving the old school grips they are pimp!
They look pretty bright at the moment but when i add the red spark plug leads, fuel lines and pin striping on the tank and guards it should all balance out. My guages sit neatly and it might not look like it but u can read them when your in the saddle. Front brake are plumbed and working. Also i lowered the front end by about an inch by sliding the fork tubes up the triple tree. I was looking at them and i think you could cut the top off to make it flush with the triple tree for a smoother look. But once thats done theres no turning back so i will leave it the way it is untill ive ridden it a bit to see if anything scrapes while cornering. So yeah its ready to get wired, then i have to some minor motor work like changing the clutch plates and installing a new electric starter gear and oil filter/air cooler assembly, and then i'll fire the beast up for the first time. I'll be sure to get that on video!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Headers and Carbs

I installed my 1.75" Stainless steel headers today, they look so cool and are slighty fatter than the 1.5" standard headers. I will be adding some more pipe to the end at a later date. Also i attached my 2 Mikuni slide carbs, better quality and less maintenance than the standard diaphragm ones. All looks good and really beefs up the appearance of the motor.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rear end assembled

Ok heres some more pics, the rear end is now fully assembled. Ive been trying to add some more parts every day after work and today i installed the rear brake light and number plate holder, the indicators and the entire rear brake assembly. Sounds easy enough but it took me about 3 hours, im just enjoying the whole process and taking my time.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Adding more Parts

I went out to spillers today and bought some mounting nuts bolt etc. Then added some more parts, put the rear guard on, the seat on, the battery box and just sat the tank and front guard there to get a photo. Its looking mean! i sat on it for like 5 minutes with a massive grim on my face. Chopper my dog liked it too!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It Rolls!!!

The bike builds been moving along nicely, on saturday me Micky and Chriso took my frame to a mates place to be 2 pac'd. I had the gloss black paint on but decided 2 pac it to add extra shine and durability from stones and knicks. Gotta give a big shout out to Rowan for laying down the clear coat, thanks for your time and effort dude.
So today came and finally there was nothing holding me back from starting the final assembly of the bike, i didnt want to rush so i set a goal of mounting the motor, front forks, handle bars and wheels + sidestand. This way i can easily move the bike around while im adding all the other parts.
I got it all done and heres the result, i'm loving the way this bike sits, so low and long and in these pics you can really get a glimpse of what it will look like when its finished. Oh i was also thinking of sliding the forks up the triple tree one inch to lower the front a little more but i will wait and see.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Progressing with progress!

Hey all,
So all the painting went great, well sort of... The frames done, all gloss black and looking mean, the rear guard, battery box, electric can and mounts are done, all matt black. But the front guard and tank decided to give us some trouble, the old paint job had flames so there was a rise in the paint where the flames had been layed down, i thought i sanded it down enough but when we painted them you could still see the flames underneath, and a few sanding patches too...
I didnt have it in me to sand them right back again, after about 6 hours of sanding already on this job just looking at the paper was painful. So i will either do it bit by bit after work or see if i can get it sand blasted cheaply. Anyways the important part is done and now i have the frame ready i can start building this bike for real. Also today i spent sunday morning replacing all my top engine screws and nuts with brand new chrome ones, and i also installed my pamco electronic ignition which replaces the old points ignition, and after that took my 4WD up the mountains and blew off some steam thrashing it throughout the bush in Springwood. So all in all a damn good weekend. A little bit of custom heat proof paint on the motor and im ready to put that sucker in the frame.

I'll post some pics very soon, take it easy.