Thursday, February 12, 2009

Progress Update!

The project is moving along and I've got some more info and pics to show you. The hardtails fully welded now and I'm really happy with the extra strength that's been Incorporated into it. The two lower tubes penetrate the original frame with solid steel lugs and are welded, then there are rosebud welds going through the original frame into the lugs, then the whole lot has been plated with some shaped steel to finish it off. The centre tube also has a lug penetrating it, was welded, and triangle tabs were welded in at the base to add strength. The top two tubes at the base of the fuel tank were welded on and a plate will cover the lot and act as a tank mount and seat mount. I'm stoked with how bullet proof its turning out as this bike is being built to be ridden and i don't want any issues down the track with all the extra vibration and stress a hardtail bike takes.
That's pretty much all i can show you at the moment, as I'm posting this the seat mount, tank mount, rear brake light sensor, rear brake brace, forward control pivot point for the rear brake, electric can, battery box and rear tubes that will hold the guard are being worked on and welded in.

Its a beautiful thing!

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